28 June 2020, 0 Comments

Self Service purchasing for the Power Platform

Starting in January, self-service licencing for products within the power platform is going to be enabled for O365 end users, and depending on your business, this could be great news…if your users want a product and they’re happy to pay for it, why not! However, your organisation may not be built to manage such features just yet, and in that case, you might need to disable this feature until you can.

I guess firstly, what is the power platform? The power platform is made up of the following four products:

  • Power BI – Make informed, confident business decisions by putting data-driven insights into everyone’s hands.
  • Power Apps – Turn ideas into organisational solutions by enabling everyone to build custom apps that solve business challenges.
  • Power Automate (formerly Flow) – Boost business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organisational processes
  • Power Virtual Agents – Easily build chatbots to engage conversationally with your customers and employees—no coding required.

If you’re okay with your users buying their own licences for the above within your corporate tenant, that’s great, this feature is enabled by default and once introduced your users can start shopping. However, if you’re not keen on this, Microsoft have created a module to disable the feature, the MSCommerce. Be installing, loading and signing in to this module you’ll be able to update each product policies ‘AllowSelfServicePurchase’ attribute to false.

To do this you’d probably have a script that looked something like this…

Install-Module -Name MSCommerce
Import-Module -Name MSCommerce
Connect-MSCommerce #sign-in with your global or billing administrator account when prompted
Get-MSCommerceProductPolicies -PolicyId AllowSelfServicePurchase | Where { $_.PolicyValue -eq “Enabled”} | forEach {
Update-MSCommerceProductPolicy -PolicyId AllowSelfServicePurchase -ProductId $_.ProductID -Enabled $false }

A more detailed explanation of these commands can be found here